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The characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its attitudes and aspirations

About Ethos


“People & Planet First Firm”

The perception of the global recruitment market is bleak. Like it or not, the reality is high staff turnover, inexperienced or immature leadership, poorly organised, unsupportive work environments and rampant mental health issues. There is no standard for professionalism.

We view ourselves separate from this and seek excellence, not only in our performance but in our attitudes and aspirations. Moonraker believes in celebrating constructive individuality, deploying cultivated specialisms and pooling collective intelligence in the pursuit of mastery. We operate as one.

Moonraker is a people and planet first organisation. We prioritise the health and wellbeing of ourselves and our environment over making quick profits, united by a common purpose to do good.

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About Ethea

Moonraker's Ethea

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Our efforts and achievements should act as a stepping stone for ourselves and those around us without putting undue strain on our staff or compromising our moral compass.
We take a reflective stance, always looking for ways to improve ourselves, our industry and our environment with a healthy appetite for growth.
We take every opportunity to aid others and create opportunities when they do not arise. We serve as a platform of positive trajectory.

About Societal Impact

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Positive Societal Impact

The absolute goal as a result of our performance is positive societal impact. The foundations of our values are built and upheld by being:

Since our foundation, we set out to be climate positive. Zero waste; green energy, plastic-free and consumption aware. Our operations add to the industry and economy whilst never detracting from the environment.
We've partnered with Ecologi to plant trees & fund the world’s best climate crisis solutions. Each month we contribute to building our own Moonraker forest whilst supporting international green projects.
Going one step further, for every placement made we plant 100 trees and support verified carbon avoidance projects. So far, we've funded the planting of over 3,000 trees across 19 projects and supported the prevention of over 100 tCO2e from being emitted through 38 verified carbon avoidance projects.
Our progress can be followed in real-time here: Moonraker Forest
The care of our staff is of paramount importance. The focus will always be healthy bodies and minds. All staff are empowered to maintain a positive work-life balance aided by an industry-leading benefits package.
We foster a 'payback' mindset through quarterly company-sponsored benevolence days where staff can support a cause of their choosing. As an organisation, we're environmentalists at heart and support projects across biodiversity, climate change & sustainability.
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