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An area of activity, work, or study that someone concentrates on or is expert in

Trading & Technology Talent Acquisition

Specialist capabilities enable Moonraker to meet the niche talent demands of our select clientele. In partnering with Moonraker, clients including hedge funds, proprietary trading firms, broker-dealers, exchanges, cryptocurrency market disruptors and FinTech startups are granted access to unique sources of talent. We know this as our search methods go well beyond the industry standard.

We are proud ambassadors of elite talent, helping better position our clients to meet their business goals. Our absolute focus is specialism through technical curiosity and continuous learning, we oppose generalism.

"well-versed in the cutting edge of the field and knows exactly what we are looking for"

Quantitative Research & Trading​

Data Science, Engineering & AI

1. Trading Technology

Trading Technology

Technologists design, develop and optimise the high-performance platforms that enable trading, with an eye on scalability, reliability & security. We deliver across Software Engineering, Quantitative Development, DevOps Engineering & Infrastructure Engineering.

2. Quant Research & Trading

Quantitative Research & Trading

Quantitative Researchers build and maintain the cutting edge models and algorithms used in trading. They leverage advanced statistical techniques with vast, complex and varied types of data to find insights that give a competitive edge. Leveraging this research and with their own finesse, Traders execute orders within the paraments of their strategy.

3. Data Science, Engineering & AI

Data Science, Engineering & AI

Ever-evolving data sources, advancements in computing power and novel AI techniques are revealing new opportunities in trading for alpha generation, risk management and portfolio optimisation. We deliver across Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, Data Engineering, Data Science & Data Mining.

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